League Of Legends – Top Played Champions July 2013

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It’s that time of the month again, wait, I made that joke last time. Welcome back MMOAttackers to the next installment of our monthly League of Legends update where we showcase the top 10 most played Champions for July 2013. The top 10 list proves its turbulence yet again as it’s packed full of surprises and some unsuspected shifts among the most popular Champions. July is also the first ever month without a debut in the top 10.

10 Varus                                      

The Arrow of Retribution has failed to make any serious impact on the top played Champions list for 2013. His debut appearance saw him claiming the 9th spot in May, but the brief increase in popularity was put down to his approaching anniversary.

Making only his second ever appearance in our top champions list Varus appears to be struggling. We don’t record the statistics for Champions who fail to make the 10th spot, but it was insanely close.

9 Lux                                              

The Lady of Luminosity continues to suffer from a PR problem as she struggles to maintain her place in the top played League of Legends Champions list. Beginning the year as a competitor for the top 3 spots, time hasn’t been very kind to Lux as she struggles to return to her former glory.

Last month saw her lowest entry of the year so far and this month she hardly manages to maintain that same spot, managing to squeeze ahead of Varus by only 7,000 games.

8 Lee Sin                                      

Lee Sin is a bad smell, he just won’t go away. Following a strong start to the year claiming rank 3 in January Lee Sin has since seen more rise and falls than the stock market. In recent months he’s been seen bouncing around the 8th and 10th spots before completely disappearing last month; the first month of the year that didn’t feature

It appears the brief hiatus is over as the martial arts fiend makes a reappearance, securing yet another lowly finish claiming the 8th spot.

7 Thresh                                      

One of the youngest Champions to appear in our top 10 most played Champions list is Thresh, the Chain Warden. Most League of Legends players are familiar with the flavor of the month fans but Thresh seemed to totally avoid that popularity surge as despite being a brand new Champion at the start of the year, he never made an impact on the top 10 until April.

Seemingly vanishing the last few months, Thresh makes a reappearance in our top list dropping to 7th place following his 4th spot debut.

6 Nidalee                                    

The infamous bush stalker (I’m sure I could squeeze a joke in there) is one of the most frequently appearing champions in our top lists. Originally making her debut in February of this year, Nidalee has since managed to maintain a spot each and every month.

Despite her regular appearance in our rankings list Nidalee has never managed to attract enough popularity to reach anywhere above 7th place; making July her most popular month of the year so far.

5 Vayne                                        

Vayne’s appearances in our top played Champions list have been few and far between so far. She was all but ignored for the first half of the year before making her first appearance in June’s list. Securing the third spot for last month, July sees a short fall for Vayne as she struggles to maintain a top 5 finish.

I can’t figure out why Vayne isn’t scoring in the top 3 each and every month. She’s devastating in the hands of a skilled player and more than enough to carry a team.

4 Master Yi                                  

The backdoor specialist proves to be one of the most consistent Champions of the year; following several months in the top 10 list. Master Yi’s debut came in the form of 4th place in May which he surprisingly maintained for June.

July has been and gone and the Wuju Bladesman impresses for yet another month as he becomes the first Champion of the year to maintain a spot for 3 months in a row. It’s not quite as impressive as claiming to be the most popular Champion of the month, but it’s a start.

3 Ashe                                          

Ashe’s entry into our top played Champions list was almost as surprising as a cross-map Enchanted Crystal Arrow kill. Failing to make any impression at the start of the year the era of Ashe began as she took the number 1 spot in May’s top played Champions. The huge surge in popularity became more confusing after she dropped to a surprising 5th place last month before crawling back to 3rd in July.

2 Ezreal                                        

Ezreal’s been bouncing around more than a Sivir strike during a heavy team fight but that doesn’t stop him maintaining his place in the top played Champions list for July 2013. May saw a surprising drop to 5th place after a regular battle for the number one spot between him and Taric seemed to disappear while June saw a return to form as he destroyed the competition; taking the top spot by more than 80,000 matches.

This month Ezreal maintains a respectable position in the rankings but failed to stop the huge surge in popularity from this months most popular Champion.

1 Teemo                                        

The silent but deadly mushroom assassin continues his increase in popularity claiming the top most played Champion spot for July 2013. Teemo first made an appearance in May’s top played Champions list, scoring his debut in the respectable rank 3 spot. Last month saw a slight climb in popularity as he reached number 2 on the scale and despite being over 80,000 matches behind Ezreal last month, he’s took the top spot today.

It appears the battle between Ezreal and Taric for the top most played Champion has been and gone. Despite the two making regular appearances at the start of the year, a new breed of Champions has come to take their place. Ezreal struggles to defend the number one spot but still maintains a high popularity among the League of Legends fan base while Teemo crept ahead from the rear. Will we see a return to form for Ezreal next month or does July mark the start of the Teemo era? Leave your predictions for next month below!

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