League of Legends: Top Played Champions September 2013

As the end of the month draws near MMOAttack returns with our monthly list of top played League of Legends Champions. It has been a turbulent year thus far with 6 different Champions claiming the top spot over the last 8 months but with many still failing to make their first appearance, will September bring with it any new debuts?

10 Nidalee

There are thousands of League players giving the bush a bad name on Summoner’s Rift as they stalk the shadows with this months 10th place finish, Nidalee. The Bush Stalker has made an appearance every month since her debut in February but she’s been unable to better her 6th place finish in July.

We’ve seen many Champions disappear to last place and beyond but the close battle between 8th, 9th and 10th place this month gives Nidalee players hope as she could quite possibly climb the rankings in November.

9 Caitlyn

If it wasn’t for July’s unexpected disappearance the Sheriff of Piltover would have made an impression each and every month of the year thus far. Despite competing for places in the top 5 in recent months September sees one of her lowest finishes of the year as Caitlyn struggles to hold 9th place

With less than 2,000 matches between Caitlyn, Blitzcrank and Nidalee, there’s plenty of room for big changes in the lower rankings next month. Will October see a return to former glory for Caitlyn or has the easy mode ADC seen her best days fall behind her?

8 Blitzcrank

The ever cheerful Steam Golem, Blitzcrank, makes a return this month following his second ever appearance last month, claiming the 7th spot. Sadly that appears it’s the best he can hope for at the moment as Blitzcrank returns to his original debut ranking claiming 8th for the month of September.

Although the usual reaction to death is rage and abuse, there’s something special about Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab. Regardless of the situation, you can’t help but applaud a skillful pull as you watch your Champion get torn apart by the entire enemy team.

7 Lucian

Lucian, The Purifier, breaks records today as he claims the highest debut spot for a new Champion since the year began. Despite League players having the reputation of exploiting brand new Champion’s abilities, the latest additions to the League have all but failed to make any serious impression on our monthly lists.

However, Lucian’s finish shows that new Champions can still peak the interest of long-term League fans as he claims an impressive 7th place finish.

6 Lux

Lux began the year with a moderately successful campaign that saw the Lady of Luminosity make regular appearances among the top played Champions. Despite a brief battle to remain in the top 5, recent months have seen Lux’s popularity levels drop to the lowest of the year so far.

Last months 9th place finish gave many the impression that Lux was on her way out before making an impressive comeback in September, climbing three spots to claim this months 6th place finish.

5 Lee Sin

Lee Sin began the year strong following several high ranking placements before a surprising disappearance in June’s list. Last month saw the Blind Monk make a surprising reappearance as he struggled to remain in the top 10. Lee Sin has never had the popularity to challenge the most loved Champions in the League but his regular appearances show the community still have some time to spend with the difficult jungler.

4 Vayne

The deadly Night Hunter celebrates her fourth appearance of the year so far as she celebrates one of her highest finishes since her debut in June. Vayne only just missed out on 3rd place this month, losing to Ashe by a mere 200 matches.

She still holds one of the most impressive debut rankings after her first appearance saw her claim rank 3. Vayne’s true damage potential combined with her infamous Silver Bolts has given her the reputation as one of the most deadly late-game Champions available in the League, and it’s a reputation well deserved.

3 Ashe

The Frost Archer has had a bit of an unpredictable year so far. Her massively impressive debut at rank 1 in May presented the illusion that we could be seeing the new age of Ashe before her popularity hit a state of flux in following months. Struggling to maintain a top 5 finish in July Ashe’s popularity has dropped in recent months with last month seeing her lowest finish since she appeared on our lists, taking 6th place.

However, the easily accessible AD carry isn’t out of the race yet as she pushes through to reclaim her place in the top 5. Narrowly missing out on second to Teemo, Ashe has the popularity potential to make an impact on the top two next month.

2 Teemo

Everyone’s favorite Yordle makes another appearance in our top played League of Legends Champions list, securing the 2nd spot for the second time this year. Last months 4th place finish saw Teemo secure his lowest ranking since making his first impression in May.

September sees the mushroom loving assassin return to former glory but only just; barely beating Ashe to the second place finish by 2,000 matches.

1 Master Yi

Master Yi dominated last months list taking first place ahead of Vayne by a staggering 250,00 matches. This month sees the New Yi secure a first place finish again and with an equally impressive 75,000 game lead ahead of Teemo. The sudden surge in Master Yi players correlates with updates from Riot Games, buffing Yi to make him one of the most formidable foes on the battlefield.

He continues to wreak havoc in the jungle thanks to his intense speed and deadly 1 on 1 capabilities. Riot Games are going to have to do something rather drastic if they want to influence the current popularity levels of the backdoor pro.

So there we have it, September’s top played League of Legends Champions. There’s still plenty of time for current Champions to make their mark as they clamber towards the most played Champion of the year but September sees a point of no return for those still waiting to make their debut. Who’s your money on for the number 1 spot at the end of the year so far?

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