Legend of Mount Hua Details Revealed

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Snail Games detailed some of the features to arrive with the Legends of Mount Hua update at E3 a few weeks back. But they have finally now revealed the rest of the features to be expected when the new content hits Age of Wushu in the coming weeks. Amongst them are a Martial Brothers System which helps lower leveled players gain skills more quickly, a new system that allows you to spread your fame and recognition to major NPC characters and factions, and a new heroic bar, that when full will pit the player against a powerful hero. Defeating the challenger will give the player unique treasures for various stat bonuses. Wrapping up the newly mentioned features is the ability to bring friended NPCs through forbidden instances. For an entire list of features coming with the update, not just the newly announced one?s mentioned here, head on over to the Age of Wushu news page.

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