Lifeless Crafting Guide

Scattered throughout Greenwood are vital supplies that will ensure your survival in Lifeless but only if you have the know-how to make them useful. This Lifeless crafting guide lists all of the currently discovered recipes in the game alongside a basic explanation of the crafting features and mechanics in Rigid-Soft’s online zombie survival MMO.

Crafting Overview

Before players are able to explore the available crafting options in Lifeless, they must first gather the appropriate materials. There are 3 core materials that are used in crafting, Wood, Metal and Stone. Every material can be gathered from a specific node using the “B” key for the gathering tool. The Hammer and Hatchet are always available, they do not count as an item and cannot be lost on death. Wood is gathered from trees, Stone from rock and Metal from cars.

Gathering a material from any harvesting node has a cooldown of 15 minutes. The cooldown is server-wide so if you’ve just harvested some Wood from a tree, nobody else can use that same tree for 15 minutes.

To begin crafting you simply open the crafting interface with the “N” key. You can then click and drag items from your inventory (“I”) into the crafting window to create new items. The crafting recipes are shapeless so it’s only the quantity of materials that matter, not the manner in which they are positioned.

Crafting Recipes

Below is a table of crafting recipes that are currently available in-game. Please note that there are some bugs that occur that prohibit the use of specific recipes but these should be resolved shortly.

Found any recipes not included in this list? Leave a comment below and we’ll update our Lifeless crafting guide.

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