Lifeless Developers Announce A Change To Unreal Engine

Lifeless News

Rigid-Soft Studios made a huge announcement over the weekend as they revealed an upcoming engine change for the zombie survival MMO, Lifeless. The game launched in Early Access in August of this year with two separate digital versions available with the cheapest selling at $25 but despite its low cost, the game still faced criticisms … Read more

Lifeless Crafting Guide

This Lifeless crafting guide lists all of the currently discovered recipes in the game alongside a basic explanation of the crafting features and mechanics in Rigid-Soft’s online zombie survival MMO.

H1Z1: Just Survive


H1Z1: Just Survive is a post-apocalyptic zombie survival MMO from Daybreak Games Co. The game is set fifteen years after an initial horrifying outbreak of the virus where players must survive against the infected, wild animals, and other survivors. The game was first announced by then SOE’s president John Smedley in early April of 2014. Heading to both the PC and Playstation 4 in late 2014, the game will soon be coming to Steam via Early Access.

H1Z1 is set in SOE’s own version of the United States, think Middle-America. The world has been overtaken by this epidemic and players will fight to survive. The game will offer a sandbox style of gameplay with a character progressions system, crafting, building and scavenging. The world will have all the tools you need to survive, and the use of the Forelight engine will allow players to interact with the world in a way that feels natural to what life may be like in such a situation. You can take the role of a farmer, creating food for your friends, or a gun-toting killing machine whose sold reason to live is to kill anything that walks.

Playstation Plus vs. Xbox Live, H1Z1 and more H1Z1 | The Cringecast 5

The Cringecast is Attack Gaming’s weekly podcast where we break down all things relevant in the gaming world! This time around, our panel includes: MarkKirkTJ and Ashley.
This week on The Cringecast we talk about the difference between the players in Playstation plus and xbox live and then a ton about H1Z1, like .. a lot of H1Z1.
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H1Z1 Developer Interview with Adam "The Zombie" Clegg

We had an opportunity to interview Adam Clegg from SOE, working on H1Z1, during a community event on April 29th.  Adam was kind enough to fire through a bunch of random questions that we had for him about his new zombie MMO, H1Z1.
H1Z1 is the latest zombie survival game from Sony Online Entertainment.  
Read more about H1Z1 on MMO ATK.
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[stat=Publisher]Bohemia Interactive[/stat]
[stat=Developer]Dean ?Rocket? Hall[/stat]
[stat=Genre]Survival Horror[/stat]
[stat=Free to Play]No[/stat]
[stat=Download Size]4.5GB[/stat]

DayZ, a free mod for Arma 2 developed by Dean Hall aka Rocket and published by Bohemia Interactive, is a realistic post apocalyptic survival MMO simulator. The game received quite a large following from the spread of word of mouth from fans. The game knows how to portray the problems in our society by making players interact in a real way. It is not uncommon to see players yelling at each other in the chat, arguing over who is friendly or not.

Although zombies are populated all over the map, they are not the real danger. You work against the elements like a real person. Managing your hunger and health while at the same time managing your sanity against other people doesn?t sound like fun, but somehow is. Jumping off an incline or falling down a ledge are all serious obstacles as you could break your leg and render yourself useless. The feeling of alone and helplessness makes this game something truly special.

Another thing that makes DayZ interacts with people is the scarcity of items. Players will have to scrounge around for anything they can find. Cans of coke become like gold when the player desperately needs something to quench their thirst. After digging into the game though, you start to realize that the world is much more fleshed out than it appears. Players can scrounge together parts for vehicles like cars, trucks, helicopters and others to dominate a DayZ map. That is, if you survive grabbing these pieces.

DayZ is still a free mod for Arma 2. However, there will be a standalone title that will be available soon. This game is a blast to play with some friends or by yourself and is a must play for the zombie fan. Drop into the game today with the link above and test out your survivability.