Lifeless Early Access Alpha Now Avaialble

Rigid-Soft Studios are proud to announce the immediate availability of the Early Access Alpha client for the eagerly awaited zombie survival MMO, Lifeless. Interested players can purchase the Standard Edition for $25 or a Deluxe Edition that includes a variety of perks including exclusive in-game masks, 1000 Lifeless Points, a special forum badge and access to upcoming maps prior to public release.

Lifeless does not utilize a subscription model but it does feature micro-transactions using Lifeless Points. Players are able to purchase basic materials in-game, and some rather jazzy weapon skins, but the developers have promised to avoid the pay-to-win arena through the exclusion of weapons from the item mall.

We originally intended Lifeless to be free-to-play but after exploring
it a little more, we decided it would be best to just make it a one time
purchase. This is for several reasons but the main ones being the cost
of server maintenance, support and development. The other reason is
because we quickly realized we would have to turn Lifeless into a
pay-to-win game if we even wanted to survive the first month with all
the costs and that is something we are strictly against!

For more information on Lifeless, or to purchase the zombie survival MMO game, check out the official website.

Already playing and need some help? Check out: Lifeless Guide To Factions and Lifeless Crafting Guide.

Source: Press Release

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