Lifeless Guide To Factions

Much of humanity has been wiped out but the constant warring between different ideals is still present. Lifeless features an exciting faction system that adds both immersion and excitement to the post-apocalyptic zombie extravaganza.

Faction Introduction

Lifeless features 3 warring factions, each with their own ideals and reasons. This Lifeless factions guide will introduce all 3 of the factions and offer details on the games reputation system.

The New Order – Efficient Order Will Prevail
Believers of a unified state, The New Order feels that the new world should be ruled by military might and power – using whatever means necessary to destroy their enemies and expand their lands. They look down on those they believe to be weak and oppose the chaotic appearance of The Brotherhood. The New Order act as the military faction in Lifeless and hope to impose their strict rules onto the wider society.

People of the Free World – The Free World Belongs To The People
The People of the Free World believes that democracy and equal rights should govern the people. To its members the preservation of the individual is more important than amassing strength or power. They see the other factions of Lifeless as inhumane and brutal, much the same opinion they have of the zombies.

The Brotherhood – Blood & Sacrifice Will Cleanse
The Brotherhood are the bandit faction of Lifeless. They are the only faction without a fixed safe zone location. They are a fascist cult that believes that violence, blood and sacrifice is the path to the new world.

Faction Overview

Currently players are not able to join factions directly, the allegiance to a particular faction is governed by the reputation points a player has. Reputation is earned or lost through completing quests or interacting with patrols that each faction sends out to capture small safe zones scattered across the map (represented by small camping sites). There are currently 5 levels of reputation with each faction:

Hated – Disliked– Neutral – Friendly – Trusted – Distinguished

At the moment the only level of reputation that has any impact is hated. If you’re hated with any specific faction you cannot enter their safe zone and you will be shot on sight by any members that cross your path. The Brotherhood is the only faction that can earn reputation points through PvP, making them the perfect choice for bandit style players. However, it comes as a price as potentially, The Brotherhood could have zero safe zones at any given time.

Every minute each faction sends out a group of 5 members to explore Greenwood. These factions spawn at their respective safe zones with the exception of The Brotherhood, they spawn randomly across the map.

The factions are still a work in progress so check back soon for more updates once more features become available.

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