Lifeless Set To Receive Huge Update This Month

Rigid Soft Studios today lifted the lid on a massive new content update planned for official release on August 29th as Lifeless prepares to welcome a wave of new features in v0.7. Fans don’t have long to wait for a huge list of new changes including new skills inside a new skill tree system, various new weapons, a brand new enemy type, faction vs faction PvP elements and much, much more.

For some of the highlights of the upcoming update check below:


  • A brand new zombie type will be introduced, the Screamer. A new list of skills and abilities will force players to adapt on the fly as they encounter new and unique special zombies.
  • Exciting new PvP event: airdrop. Randomly throughout the game world crates will drop from the skies. Unlike other games both factions will battle for its rewards with faction-wide benefits being given to the victors.
  • No more infinite melee weapons as a new durability system has been put in place alongside new methods to repair broken weapons to be used once again.
  • Overhauled user-interface to offer players more informative and stream-lined way to deliver vital details.
  • Various changes to lighting will improve both graphic quality and technical stability.
  • A host of deadly new weapons
  • Various changes and improvements to the in-game economy
  • Much more


For more information on the v0.7 update for Lifeless, check the official website below.

Source: Official Website

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