Lineage II Launches Free-To-Play

More and more of the best MMOs on the market are making the switch to F2P, likely in an effort to land more players and increase profit margins. Lineage II, which has struggled since release, has officially become a free MMO game just one month after NCSoft?s announcement to switch to F2P.  The in-game items and other packs are still for purchase, but the basic game is now free and accessible for anyone that wants to check it out.

This seems to be the basic strategy for games that aren?t? doing as well as their developers may have hoped: Make the game free, and hope people come around. It?s a concept that may or may not work, depending on the game and the gamer. After all, no one wants to play a bad game, even if it happens to be free.

NCSoft is also updating the game in the hopes of landing a few new players; the re-launch features a brand new server and an update called Goddess of Destruction. The update also adds eight new hero classes, an auction house, new zones and new weapons and armor sets.

Sign up to play at the official F2P site.

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