Lineage II: Valiance Released

Today NCSoft and the North American Lineage II development team are proud to announce the release of the latest free content expansion for the game.  Lineage II: Valiance will bring a new storyline that wreaks havoc across the land, and features new content, skills, and abilities for the long running title.

Lineage II: Valiance will welcome back the popular hunting ground, Hellbound, and four returning raid bosses, including, Beleth, Darion, Lilith and Anakim.  Lineage II was originally launched in 2004, and as the game comes up on its 10th anniversary, the development team wants to show their dedication to the fans by bringing new updates.  Lineage II is one of the longest running MMOs in history, and a flagship title for NCSoft, which plans to continue on its success with titles like Guild Wars 2 and the upcoming Wildstar.

More details about the new expansion can be found on the Lineage II: Valiance website.

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