Livestream Showcases Tons Of New Gameplay For PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Bluehole Inc and PlayerUnknown today to Twitch recently to showcase the Alpha 2 version of the upcoming PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. Viewers can take a look at a huge number of improvements made to the game since the original Alpha testing event a couple of months ago. Community Manager Sammie and Content Programmer Marek hosted the streaming event, which features tons of Alpha game play action including vehicle footage, scavenging and equipping items, several new locations and other features that come together in over 2 hours of new footage.

The Alpha 2 testing event for the community will take place beginning tomorrow, November 12th, and will continue through until December 4th. Check out the stream in its entirety below:


The official website has also been updated with the patch notes for the second round of Alpha testing. Check out some of the highlights below:


  • Added sound obstruction & positional audio (WIP)
  • Added push-to-talk
  • Added the Boost System
  • Added Sedan & Speedboat
  • Added 4 melee weapons, Molotov cocktail and crossbow
  • Added character statistics and 2D game replays (WIP)
  • LAdded African American/Asian male/female characters
  • Added military base and 4 other new locations to the map (WIP)


Source: YouTube

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