Living After War now in Closed Beta

Living After War Gameplay
If you?ve obtained a key to the L.A.W. (Living After War) beta, now?s your chance to cash it in and get to playing. The game?s closed beta has officially gone live, so if you?re one of the lucky few with a key, you can now download the free-to-play action MMO from the game?s official site.

Living After War drops players into a post-apocalyptic setting in which weapons and resources are hard to come by, then forces them to do battle with one another. There?s also a robust real-time-strategy mode, in which players command armies with tanks, turrets, robots and gunships.

You?ll also find pretty much everything else you?d expect to see in an MMO, including guild management, instanced dungeons and customizable skillsets for your characters.

Here?s a description of the game from the site:

?In the dark, post-nuclear world of L.A.W ? Living After War classic MMO elements meet exciting real-time strategy (RTS) features for PvP (player-versus-player) gameplay. Through tactical usage and direct control of ground and airborne units players fight large-scale battles over rare resources. These battles are not round-based, but are fought on persistent battlefields and are open to all players, all the time. ?

There?s no word on how long the beta will run, but LAW is scheduled for release sometime in 2012.

Are you in the Living After War beta? How?s it going?

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