Lord Of The Rings Online Set To Impress With Helm’s Deep

Who wouldn’t want to recreate some of the most iconic moments in the Lord of the Rings franchise at the battle for Helm’s Deep? As Turbine prepares for the upcoming launch of the Lord of the Rings Online expansion the players are hard at work experiencing the new content first-hand on the test servers. The test servers have been available for some time but even the Shadows of Angmar expansion’s impressive testing figures are no match for the popularity surrounding Helm’s Deep.

The developers have had to deploy a number of new servers to support the massive influx of players looking to test the content ahead of its release:

already has in some respects. It’s the first expansion that we’ve had
since Shadows Of Angmar that required us to add servers to the beta
world to match the number of players trying to log in and participate.
It was the first beta since Shadows of Angmar that actually tripped our
login queues on the beta world and forced us to raise the max player

We’re just 3 days away from the official launch of Helm’s Deep so if you want to get some experience ahead of time, don’t forget to log into the test servers. This weekend also marks the end of the pre-purchase period ending on November 17th, giving players a final few days to grab those pre-purchase exclusives. The 100% experience points bonus also ends on Sunday so if your favorite class isn’t ready for Helm’s Deep, you’ve still got a few days to grab those last few levels.

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