Trion Worlds New Project, Trove

After some rumors yesterday about a ‘secret’ project from Trion Worlds, today they are finally announcing it to the world.  Trove is a free to play online adventure RPG that has been developed in-house with a small team inside Trion Worlds.  They state that the project started with a feeling: to make a game that brings that that sense of adventure you get when you first step into a brand new world and begin to explore.  

Trove seems to be a building / construction game in the vein of Minecraft or EverQuest Next Landmark.  It will feature dynamically generated worlds that are fully constructible and destructible, and will give gamers an endless universe that they can adventure, create, explore and of course, destroy.  Beggining today you will be able to sign up for Alpha access via the Trove website.  The team will work closely with alpha testers and forums from around the web to help determine the direction of the game.

As the team here works to get into the early alpha access, we will keep you updated on any progress and information about Trove.  In the mean-time, you can check out the reveal video below and find Trove’s Twitter account.

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