Lord Of The Rings Summer Festival 2013

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Summer may be a dull time in terms of releases but it’s the most exciting time for MMO events! Turbine have just announced that the famous Summer Festival event is now underway for their popular MMORPG title, Lord of the Rings Online.

Summer is in full swing in Middle-earth and the Free Peoples have spared
no expense in celebration. Join in the festivities of the Summer
Festival throughout Eriador! Show your skill in various summer quests
and collect tokens which can be used to purchase a host of items.

A number of the highly popular events return to Middle-earth including the fan favorite, Taste of Hobbiton. Four tenacious Hobbit’s will be chosen to test their mettle in a contest of speed and eating ability. Players have the opportunity to back a Hobbit of their choosing, will you back the winner?

Other events in the Lord of the Rings Online Summer Festival 2013 include horse racing, fishing competitions, scavenger hunts and dancing events. As is traditional with the Summer Festival in LOTRO there’s a variety of cosmetic rewards available such as event-exclusive capes and some stylish decoration for your favorite horse. For more information on the event you can visit the official Summer Festival 2013 page.

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