Defiance Dev Discusses Current Issues And New DLC

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The cross-media MMO project from Trion Worlds is still failing to deliver players a reliable MMO experience and the problems just keep stacking up for Defiance. You may already be aware of the launch day woes that hindered the games release. Players were unable to access the servers, despite purchasing the game, and others were unable to use any communication or social features within the game. If you had to imagine the two worst things to plague an MMO at launch could you imagine anything worse than not being able to play or communicate?

The issues have continued with Trion World’s MMOTPS game with many players being forced to reinstall the game every single time there’s a patch. Not a huge problem for PC players but a severe hindrance for those attempting to enjoy the experience on consoles. Other problems include forcing party members into separate instances of the same map, the inability to play in other regions on consoles and an understandably bitter community.

The developer did discuss the upcoming DLC, although very briefly and didn’t really mention anything outside of an August release. If you really want to understand the scale of problems surrounding Defiance at the moment, check out the very first comment on the official dev blog.

Welcome Chris, I hope you fare
better than the previous EP who was pretty useless. A bunch of blogs
with lies and false promises. While I appreciate the communication, this blog is just another in a
long list of saying pretty much nothing – “We’re working on it, details
to come” seems to be the rally cry for Trion. Good luck, though, The community is very vocal but that’s because we like the game and want to see it thrive.

That comment has already had 48 up-votes, showing at least a small portion of the community agree with him.

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