Lord of Ultima

Lord of Ultima is a 2D browser based strategy MMO that builds upon the genre by adding an assortment of unique features.  Players begin their journey with a single vacant piece of property and expand it from a small village into a mighty capital city which oversees a vast and growing empire.  Trading, diplomacy and war are the tools you will use to form alliances, best your rivals and conquer the world of Caledonia.

Lord of Ultima is Electronic Arts’ latest effort in a free to play game, and while there are many web based strategy games on the market, Lords of Ultima manages to bring something new and unique to the genre while keeping the game-play clean and simple.

Players start with a small town and must build it up by gathering resources that will ultimately help in constructing and upgrading their buildings and creating and training soldiers.  One unique feature of Lords of Ultima is that the placement of buildings to resources have a significant effect on their production capabilities.  This is one way that EA’s game has taken a leap from other browser based RTS games.  Your goal is to settle and conquer new cities to expand your empire.  Gaining allies along the way help form alliances and give you the benefit of mutual protection.

If you’re a fan of browser based real time strategy games, then give Lord of Ultima a play, you just might find the extra effort on EA’s part to your liking!


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