Love Blossoms In Elsword Online

While eHarmony may dominate the world of online dating a new entrant today promises to dominate the virtual elements of finding love as ElHarmony arrives in Elsword Online. KOG Games, the developer and publisher behind the action packed Elsword Online, today announced the release of the ElHarmony update that invites players to take their chance on love with the opportunity to create their own characters dating profile before taking to an array of new Valentine’s Day Events complete with awesome prizes, exciting mini-games and of course, the chance to find love.

The ElHarmony update also features the exciting Elsword Love Quiz. Players can utilize the new Elsword Online dedicated Facebook App to answer a series of personal questions before finding the results and matching up with the best Elsword Online character matched to their personality. Players can then share the results with their friends before inviting them to participate in the test on the Elsword Online Facebook page.

Finally a Couples Fan Art Contest offers the creative players the chance to depict their own fantasy fueled love-struck pairing of any Elsword Online characters before submitting them to the official forums for KOG Games staff to select winners to receive K-Ching prizes.

Source: Press Release

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