Lumbridge Gets A Summer Makeover In RuneScape

Jagex Games Studio today announced the release of an exciting new content update for the ever-popular world of RuneScape as the previously desolate environment of the Lumbridge Crater has received a much welcomed facelift just in time for Summer. What was once a thriving newbie welcoming town, Lumbridge recently fell victim to a catastrophic event following the epic battle between two of RuneScape’s most powerful gods, it has since been reduced to a mere hole in the ground. However, all hope is not lost as the community of RuneScape have come together to create a small corner of paradise in the aftermath of the Lumbridge battle.

Players can look forward to a number of unique and exciting Summer-themed events and activities to get involved in including sandcastle building, fishing in rock pools, beach grills and even a legendary coconut shy. Each activity in the RuneScape Summer event will provide experience points based on the skills involved in the activities accompanied by further rewards such as Summer Emotes and unique cosmetic items.

It’s not all fun and games however as every hour Clawdia, a giant beach boss monster, will appear and will need the collective efforts of many players to take her down. Defeating Clawdia quickly will reward participants with better loot such as ice creams and cooling cocktails.

The RuneScape Summer event is already underway and is scheduled to run through until August 31st.

Source: Press Release

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