Marvel Heroes – Closed Beta Registration Begins As Of Yesterday

Yesterday, the developers at Gazillion Entertainment?posted a community blog entry to announce the opening of the closed beta registration which will give players a chance to take part in the testing of?Marvel Heroes before everyone else gets a hold of the game.

As a note for everyone from the developer, they advise that the players should not enjoy playing the game, but they ask for the players to give good constructive, critical feedback and dedicated testing in order to improve the game further and make it the best it could be.

In order to sign-up for the beta, you have to go to the Marvel Heroes website and they have a simple method of being able to do so. Just follow the steps and go from there. This?doesn’t?guarantee a spot, only gives you a chance to be selected for testing. There will be other ways to be able to gain access to the beta in future.

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