League of Legends – Season Two: World Championship eSports Tournament Update

The biggest eSports tournament ever is only a few weeks away as the League of Legends? Season Two is wrapping up. The top teams from the tournament will all be in Los Angeles in order to compete for their share of the 2,000,000 prize pool which is the largest one in eSports history.

There are twelve teams from China, Southeast Asia, Korea, Taiwan, North America and Europe. They will all be meeting to battle on the ?Fields of Justice? which begins on October 4th through to October 6th in the World playoffs. The two final teams from this tournament will compete for the gold in the World Finals on October 13th.

While the tournament is going on the official League of Legends tournament website will be hosting free live broadcasting in HD for every game and every match that will be taking place. They will also have post-game VODs (Video-on-demand) available as well. Not only that, but there will be daily recaps, statistics and other things will be posted as well for everyone to view.

Check out the tournament website to keep up-to-date on the upcoming tournament all the way through to the end of the finale of the event.

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