Mass Effect 3 Space Edition Launches Today

A first is taking place in the gaming community, and it surrounds the upcoming Mass Effect 3 title from BioWare. In celebration of the game?s upcoming release, BioWare is launching actual copies of the game into the Earth?s atmosphere. Copies will be launched from select cities around the world, including San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York and London. The games will be attached to balloons at their launch, and they will land in random locations around the globe.

When these balloons land you?ll be able to pick up a full copy of the game before it?s official release! The website for the Space Edition of Mass Effect 3 is live, and you can head there to find out all sorts of information on what the launch dates are and where they are launching from. You can also track the balloons and see where they fall to get in on the action, the first balloons launch today from San Francisco.

Each edition will also come with a one-of-a-kind fan prize packages. Even runner-ups will receive prizes, provided some are left. This is truly a historic and unique event in gaming history. Don?t forget to check the site to track the launches, and get ready for the game when it officially launches on March 6th!

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