Massive Update Heading To Aika Online

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Redbana have just announced an entirely new lease on life for their free action MMORPG game, Aika Online. The upcoming patch, Zereca’s Plot: Land of Wailing, is one of the biggest in the games long history and promises to provide players with a massive amount of new content.

Level Cap Raised to Level 90
For far too long have players struggled to reach the level 85 ceiling and now that struggle will continue with the introduction of a raised level cap, giving players the opportunity to fight through to level 90.

New Skills
Every job class has been updated with a brand new skill waiting for players that reach the start of the new level cap race.

New Level 90 Equipment
The developers have also introduced an exciting variety of new equipment sets for each of the job classes. A new Disassembly System has also been introduced, giving players a new method of obtaining the highly coveted Heaven Set.

New Field Map, New Dungeon
Land of Wailing has been introduced, providing a variety of difficult challenges for players heading towards end-game. A new dungeon, Hell Mode, and a brand new boss,
Seridunn, have also been added as daily events.

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