MechWarrior Online Coming To Steam December 10th

Over the weekend Piranha Games announced some exciting news for fans of MechWarrior Online as the adrenaline fueled online shooter is heading to Steam next month, December 10th. As well as MechWarrior Online joining Steam’s already impressive arsenal of MMO games the developers also announced a Steam Launch Party that will see some of the biggest MechWarrior Online fans invited to attend a real life dinner with the developers in Vancouver on the same day that the game launches on Steam.

Interested players are invited to submit an application on the official website. 50 applicants will be chosen and an email invitation will be sent to each of the successful entrants:

[quote]Then, 50 application forms will be chosen and an email invitation will be sent out to those 50 people. If you are one of the 50 to receive this email, you will be given 6 days to book your flight tickets to Vancouver and send us the receipt to finalize your invitation. (If you are local or near Vancouver, we will request your address and method of transport)[/quote]

Source: Official Website

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