Big Changes To Albion Online Ahead Of Upcoming Closed Beta

Sandbox Interactive previously announced a Closed Beta testing event for Albion Online scheduled to take place on November 23rd, and today they announced a list of significant changes that players will experience by the next Closed Beta event.

Due to its entirely player-driven economy the consumables system within Albion Online is critical to the games success moving forward. Today the team informed the community of changes they are making to better suit the vital role food and potions play in the game. Included in the new content is additional food and potion buffs that players can create at various crafting stations throughout the game world.

The way players create potions has also seen some drastic changes, with the removal of the rare alchemy related ingredients in favor of a new herb garden that will let players grow valuable alchemy ingredients much like the current farming system.

[quote cite=”Christoph, Albion Online Community Team”]We know you are out there. Potion-brewers. Farmers. Cooks. You are one of the pillars of our player-driven economy. Without your food and potions, life would be more bland in the lands of Albion. Without food, you could not sustain your territories or your crafting stations, and consumables and potions make an Adventurer’s life tastier. [/quote]

Source: Official Website

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