Microsoft Attempting To Break MMO Market?

The eagle eyed folks from Dual Shockers recently discovered a new job posting from Microsoft, hinting at a possible addition to the free-to-play market. The new post appeared on the Microsoft Game Studios website as they search for a new addition to the award-winning team with the hopes of building a “AAA quality game with service-based experiences”, a lose translation of free-to-play.

Microsoft Studios is looking for an experienced Technical Producer to
drive the future of gaming through a hybrid of AAA quality games and
service-based experiences, technology, and business models.You will work with external game developers and an internal team of cross-discipline employees in Microsoft?s Xbox organization

– Lead the production, execution and integration of key technologies and features necessary to support the service components of a new game based on an existing, successful Microsoft Studios IP.

The post also mentions that the project in question will be based on a famous IP, although we have no idea what IP that may be. For more information, or if you have the skills to apply, click here.

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