Mighty Quest Enters Open Beta

Ubisoft are proud to announce that the doors for The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot have been thrown wide open for the games first foray into the open beta space. Although access was previously offered via various Open House events today marks the first opportunity for unlimited access to the game without the level and time restrictions placed on previous events.

So yet another free-to-play MMO hits open beta, so what? Usually I would support that pessimistic view of the MMO industry considering the general level of garbage available today but The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot does actually bring something unique to the table. Imagine Diablo and Dungeon Keeper having far too many drinks and waking up with regrets from the night before, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot would be the lovechild of that affair.

In typical RPG fashion players are able to choose a class and progress through the game unlocking skills and obtaining new items and equipment. Nothing new there right? Well progression in the game involves destroying the hopes and dreams of your fellow players. Every player is given their own Castle and each one comes complete with a prized chest. It’s up to you to defeat the challenges created by other players to walk away with your well earned prize.

Defending your loot is just as vital. This is accomplished by leveling your Castle’s ability to defend itself. The further you progress the more monsters and traps you can add to your base of operations. There are literally millions of possible combinations when it comes to defending your own Castle, adding an element of strategy and depth rarely seen in the free MMO space. If you only try one free-to-play title this month, make it this one.


Source: Official Website

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