Wild Terra

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Wild Terra is a Massively multiplayer online role-playing game with open world. The main idea behind Wild Terra is to survive in the wild nature while harvesting, hunting, gathering, craft, building, PvPing, sieging, treasure hunting, and more! The game is a hybrid between action-RPGs and sandbox games. There are no NPCs in the game, so the only way to get anything accomplished is to do it yourself or buy it from other player (or take it with force).

In Wild Terra you will explore a huge world where every player can find a place for him or herself to enjoy and search for discoveries.

The game also features PvP with no hand-holding. There are dozens of types of weapons and armor along with many different ways to use them in the combat system.

The game is currently still in development but if you’d like to play it right away, you will have to purchase a bundle for Early Access. The bundles start at $9.99 and go up to $99.99 depending on what different features you would like to help you experience in the game.

Survive The Nights

Survive The Nights

Survive The Nights is an upcoming zombie survival MMO from a2z Interactive. Survive The Nights is a first-person multiplayer shooter with heavy emphasis on community and realistic survival techniques. The game debuted on Kickstarter with an initial funding goal of £12,000 but, thanks to good messaging and a promising premise, managed to smash that number and close out at a total of over £108,000. Stretch goals include the expansion of the development team, additional servers, a professional composer and a PS4 build.

Players will be thrown into Survive The Night’s post-apocalyptic world, filthy with deadly zombies and scarce of many of life’s necessities. In order to stand a chance, you will need to scavenge during the day: finding food, weapons, tools and shelter. Seek out shelter and fortify yourself in at night to protect yourself from the aggressive zombies that thrive in the darkness.

Survive The Nights promises a lot of features, many unique, others refining and enhancing already established tropes of the genre. Take, for example, food consumption. For many survival MMOs, players must consume food and water on a regular basis to avoid death: the player’s state of existence being totally white and black. Survive The Nights takes a more realistic approach and incorporates the diminishing physical condition of a human body lacking food. If a player hasn’t eaten for hours on end, their character starts to become sluggish. Slower movement speeds and a lower equipment load will be indications of a player slowly withering towards death.

Perhaps most importantly, a2z Interactive is attempting to tackle the hostile player community that comes with games of the survival MMO genre. ‘Kill on sight’ is being addressed with an affectable character mental state. Killing other players will lead to a breakdown, of sorts, causing the player to suffer from blurred vision, shaking hands and voices in the head. Take murdering to an inexcusable extent and it will result in automatic player suicide. PvP will remain an important feature of Survive The Night but with these unique features, it should exist as a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Survive The Night promises a world that is immersive beyond what we have seen yet in a survival MMO. Every structure found on the game’s island is enterable, unique and inhabitable. Players are able to store their goods inside their structures, fortify their defenses with planks and furniture and set traps to protect them and their abode against invaders. Generators can be fueled and activated for power through the dark nights and stove tops can be used to cook food with out the use of an attention-attracting fire. Even players who prefer a more mobile lifestyle can repair vehicles and roam the countryside living out of their trunk.

Survive The Nights currently has a targeted release date of August 2015. For more information on Survive The Nights or announcements of an alpha, beta or full release, keep here to MMO ATK.



Lifeless is a multiplayer FPS zombie survival MMO from Rigid-Soft Studios. In Lifeless, players are faced with the grueling task of surviving in a post-apocalyptic zombie world, where resources are scarce but threats are plentiful. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and only the most cunning and cutthroat stand a chance of capitalizing in the aftermath of societal breakdown.

Lifeless promises an on-edge experience where players are constantly on the brink of death. Respawning is not a safety net on which players can rely as permadeath constantly threatens a swift reset to square one. Indeed, a constant state of heightened awareness will be imperative to surviving in a wasteland filled with crazed zombies, NPCs and other human players.

In developing Lifeless, Rigid-Soft Studios understood that to stand apart from the massive selection of zombie survival MMOs (many lackluster, at best) already on the market, they needed to include features not yet seen in the genre. Perhaps the game’s most defining features in that regard are the inclusion of NPCs and questing. Scattered about the world, players can come across various NPC characters. Some will request small tasks be completed while others may be hostile, determined to protect their residence. These are features that serve to keep players engaged and drive unique, exciting and risky narratives.

Also noteworthy is the fortification of structures. With aggressive, intelligent zombies all around and ever hostile players looming about, the importance of a safe place to rest cannot be understated. Players can craft barriers and traps which can be used to enhance defenses on any variety of building featured through out Lifeless’ massive six kilometer world. Your structure will be persistent on that server until another player breaks it down.

Lifeless entered early access on August 25th, 2014. The game is buy-to-play with access purchasable for a one time fee of $25 for Lifeless Standard Edition or $40 for Lifeless Deluxe Edition. Beyond the initial cost, the game is completely free to play with microtransactions available in-game for various materials and weapon skins.

Forge some goods, place some barriers and craft some weapons, you’re in for a deadly experience in Lifeless, the definitive FPS zombie survival MMO. Already playing and need some help? Why not take a peek at our Lifeless Guide To Factions or our Lifeless Crafting Guide.



Rust is a survival MMORPG currently under development by Facepunch Studios. It takes place in an open world, sandbox, environment where players are free to explore, gather resources, and build where they please. The purpose of the game is simple, survive. Survive in an environment where EVERYTHING will kill you.

In Rust, survival is highly dependent on resource gathering. This can be done by cutting down trees or mining for minerals. Once the resources have been gathered, players are able to craft a multitude of diverse items from hatchets to weapons, and even walls or doors. Use these to hunt wolves, bears, and wildlife, and build your own shelter to keep you safe from the elements.

Be careful… There are other players looking to survive as well! Rust will feature a full-rights loot system, meaning players can loot your dead bones.