ArcheAge is an open-ended MMORPG from XLGames and Trion Worlds that seeks to free the player from the predefined paths and progression that has become a staple to the RPG genre. Described as a “Sandpark MMORPG,” the game lies firmly between the sandbox and themepark genres.

Players will play as one of four available races, divided between two continents. The Nuians and Elves dominate the western continent, while the Firran and Harani stake claims in the east. More than 100 unique classes can be created through the combination of up to three Skillsets, ranging from Battlerage, to Sorcery, to Shadowplay and more. Skillsets can be swapped at any time allowing the player to tailor their character to any preference or situation.

ArcheAge features a world driven by the player. You can become who you want, perfect the skills and crafts that you love and exploit them to make a living through the game’s player-driven economy. Farming and collecting resources will give you the necessities you need to create your own home, castle or even city through the use of city stones. But be wary, your creations are always at the risk of PvP attack. Constructed siege weapons and rallied armies can deal a devastating blow to even the greatest of powers.

The ocean promises to play a key role in ArcheAge’s player-driven economy. Build and equip ships, assemble crews and secure trade routes to work the seas to your good fortune. Or, take a completely different approach and pirate unsuspecting ships, taking advantage of those trying to make a decent living.

One of the more unique systems to be implemented in the ArcheAge is the judicial system. Commit an in-game crime? You could be subject to punishment by authority of the player run courts. Serving prison time and working off your debt — or attempting escape — is all part of this living, breathing world.

ArcheAge is a free-to-play MMORPG experience. For more information or to sign up, click the Play Now button.

Wild Terra

Wild Terra Game Image

Wild Terra is a Massively multiplayer online role-playing game with open world. The main idea behind Wild Terra is to survive in the wild nature while harvesting, hunting, gathering, craft, building, PvPing, sieging, treasure hunting, and more! The game is a hybrid between action-RPGs and sandbox games. There are no NPCs in the game, so the only way to get anything accomplished is to do it yourself or buy it from other player (or take it with force).

In Wild Terra you will explore a huge world where every player can find a place for him or herself to enjoy and search for discoveries.

The game also features PvP with no hand-holding. There are dozens of types of weapons and armor along with many different ways to use them in the combat system.

The game is currently still in development but if you’d like to play it right away, you will have to purchase a bundle for Early Access. The bundles start at $9.99 and go up to $99.99 depending on what different features you would like to help you experience in the game.


SkySaga Game Sky Saga

SkySaga is a newly announced voxel based sandbox MMORPG coming to players in Summer 2015 from Radiant Worlds and Smilegate Entertainment. SkySaga will be free to play and will use a microtransaction system to fund the game. Voxel games have been all the rage lately, with the popularity of such titles as Cube World, Trove, Landmark, Minecraft and another new entrant to the voxel family, Oort Online.

Players can register now to be able to play in the closed alpha, but we are expecting the game to launch in the Summer of 2015. Be sure to stay tuned to us here at MMO ATK to find out more about SkySaga and where the game is shaping up before it’s 2015 launch!

Boundless (Oort Online)

Oort Online

Oort Online is a sandbox MMORPG game in a universe of connected voxel worlds. In the game you can explore the vast universe, build a sprawling empire with your friends, and defend it against your enemies. Oort Online will allow you to explore huge numbers of different worlds, each with different resources, real players, and their creations. Each planet is populated by vicious and varied creatures, known as protectors, which can be killed for experience and loot. Everyone plays in the same universe, you can build anything, anywhere, from portals to palaces, and keep your creations safe, through beacons.

Oort Online is developed using an engine that can procedurally generate almost any world you can think of, which lets them create everything from inhospitable volcano worlds, to lush jungle moons full of weird creatures. Each world functions as a server, which can hold hundreds of players. You will be able to create portals that can allow you to travel to your friends worlds.

For an impressive demonstration of the game’s visuals and day/night cycle, check out our Oort Online World Graphics Time-Lapse video and don’t miss the developer’s Introduction Trailer for even more information.

You can back the project, which has an estimated launch date of late 2015 at Oort Online.



Unturned can best be described as a sandbox styled massively multiplayer apocalypse survival game. Unlike many other survival MMOs, where players turn on each other for sport, in Unturned you focus more on working with other players to survive the zombie infestation. In the game you will form a group and fortify locations, scavenge for supplies and try to live off the land while keeping everyone alive. Unturned is constantly taking player feedback into consideration, and much of the game is being built by what you have to say to the developer in making the game a better place.

While Unturned is still in the first public release of the game, new features will continue to be added constantly. Community feedback has helped, and will continue to drive the developer to adding new features and graphics, as is evident from the first prototype of the game, to the version that you see today.

Trials of Ascension

Trials of Ascension

Trials of Ascension (ToA) is a sandbox MMORPG currently under development by Forged Chaos. Set in the fantasy world of TerVarus, Trials of Ascension is geared to provide players with hundreds of hours of adventure.

Trials of Ascension will feature a skill system, meaning players will not be limited to classes and instead turn their character into their own creation. The crafting system is highlighted by an “Innovations” feature that gives your avatar a chance to receive an “innovation” only available to your character, allowing you to enhance or create new items, skills, or abilities. There will also be player-made settlements and kingdoms, as well as many different types of structures available for crafting. In PvP, ToA will focus on open world PvP and the possibility of perma-death.



Rust is a survival MMORPG currently under development by Facepunch Studios. It takes place in an open world, sandbox, environment where players are free to explore, gather resources, and build where they please. The purpose of the game is simple, survive. Survive in an environment where EVERYTHING will kill you.

In Rust, survival is highly dependent on resource gathering. This can be done by cutting down trees or mining for minerals. Once the resources have been gathered, players are able to craft a multitude of diverse items from hatchets to weapons, and even walls or doors. Use these to hunt wolves, bears, and wildlife, and build your own shelter to keep you safe from the elements.

Be careful… There are other players looking to survive as well! Rust will feature a full-rights loot system, meaning players can loot your dead bones.

Origins of Malu

Origins of Malu

Origins of Malu (OoM) is a fantasy sandbox MMORPG currently under development by Burning Dog Media. In Origins of Malu, players will be given the freedom to mold and shape their world. Character customization is highly emphasized through skill-sets instead of the traditional class system. Monsters adapt to a player’s style, meaning users will be forced to evolve and adjust the way they engage in battle.

Crafting is also highly acclaimed in Origins of Malu. Build anything from your every day pickaxe, to a magnificent home in a player-made city. The open world housing system will tie-in to certain abilities and player professions in order to create a more connected world. The hybrid combat system allows for direct firing and intense PvP in an open world environment shaped entirely by you.

Stay tuned for this game’s release!

Life is Feudal

Life is Feudal

Life is Feudal (LIF) is a medieval fantasy MMORPG set in a sandbox environment. The world is massive and immersive, allowing players to control almost every aspect of the physical environment. Build everything from huts to homes, to outposts and even villages. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, you can create your own mega-castle! Work the land for natural resources, craft weapons, and armor, and gain valuable player skills in order to stay alive.

There are unlimited terraforming possibilities in Life is Feudal. Dig tunnels, mines, and even moats raise and lower the ground, and diversify your land with many different types of surfaces. If you’re into city planning, the free build feature in LIF allows players to build communities on any part of the map. If you just want to fight and wreak havoc, Life is Feudal will feature a hardcore full-loot and free PvP system. Be a part of an organized field battle, or try your luck in a full-on siege!

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