MMO Gaming Leads Square Enix On Road To Recovery

Recent years haven’t been so kind to Square Enix as quarterly reports showed a steady decline across the board while the company struggled to find its feet. Thankfully however it appears things are starting to improve this quarter, despite being a quiet period in the console markets.

Via a new report issued today the company has shown year-over-year growth in net sales at a 12 percent increase, valued at $340.4 million with operating income up a staggering 56% to $63.7 million and net income up to $48.3 million, which is an impressive 76% increase. The company praised digital sales, mobile titles and MMO gaming as its saving grace – despite a drop in console game sales.

Mobile gaming, such as Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light and expansions for Dragon Quest X and Final Fantasy XIV helped to elevate the companies performance to more expected levels. Square Enix looks forward to some exciting months ahead as Just Cause 3, Hitman and Rise of the Tomb Raider are all expected to perform well.

Source: Game Informer

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  1. This current game does not have the vast exploring that XI offered. XIV is more like a dungeon spam game with people only wanting to run top geared players for a ‘speed run’. There is always a need to rush in XIV as opposed to XI where adventuring was more prominent.

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