MMO Hall of Fame is a Thing

A small company based out of Plano, Texas, has just announced the creation of an MMO Hall of Fame. The organization is a celebratory panel put together to document and highlight innovators and record-breakers in the world of MMOs.Through a press release issued Wednesday, Fuzz Buzz Media outlined the basics of its new organization and the way in which games would be admitted.

The voting panel, made up of ?well-known? MMO industry insiders, will select new games to add each year. Fuzz Buzz has also launched a website to serve as a ?virtual museum,? where the accomplishments of legendary MMOs can be celebrated.

Here?s how the company chose to explain it:

?The MMO Hall of Fame will be a shrine for the top MMOs with specifics on each game as well as details on the companies, publishers and developers. It will also include games that have set the standards in their field, a comprehensive reference hub for finding games past and present, a Who?s Who list of industry notables, links to news sites, game companies, upcoming events and much more.?
You can check out the MMO Hall of Fame for yourself here: MMO Hall

Do you think MMOs need their own Hall of Fame?

Source: Ten Ton Hammer

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