Ultima Online Offering New Content?

Are you familiar with Ultima Online? You should be. UO is essentially the game that created MMOs, and has been running strong since its launch in (gasp) 1997. The game looks painfully dated compared to modern MMOs, but retains a certain amount of charm and a fervent playerbase. And, of course, the game still receives regular updates.

UO producer Jeff Skalski issued a special note to Ultima players on Tuesday morning, outlining some of the changes headed to the game in 2012. Pub 74 (pub is the UO word for patches) brought a ton of changes to the game on the 31st, but the UO team is by no means done with improving and expanding the game.

Promised features include:

  • Bug fixes
  • Epic story arcs to celebrate the anniversary
  • Dungeon tuning
  • Improving plate value
  • Creatively dealing with hacks
  • Maybe, possibly, high-res art

It?s incredible to see Ultima Online still receiving updates after 15 years. Then again, EVE Online is almost ten ? who?s to say we won?t still be playing WoW and SWTOR in 15 years?

Are you an Ultima player? Are you excited about 2012?

Source: UO Herald

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