MMO Review: Runescape


Runescape if a F2P massive multiplayer online role playing game. It is an in browser game built by Jagex. Runescape is easily one of the best in browser games out there and is always evolving. It first started out with runescape classic, now it has become a HD in browser game. Although it is in browser and requires no download the game looks quite sharp. The textures are well done and the characters are well built.

The game does not feature different classes and races like many other games but gives each player the same set of skills which can be levelled at any time and at any rate throughout gameplay. This allows for a balanced pvp and also a game which you can play at your own pace, doing whatever it is you find the most entertaining. The pvp is based around the upper part of the runescape world in a place called ?the wilderness? . Here once you enter it you are in pvp mode. The system works by only allowing people within a few levels to attack you right when you enter. Then as you go further up into the wilderness the level gap becomes higher and people who are 10-30 levels above you can attack and kill you. The basic skill set for each players means that those around the same level as you are equally strong most of the time and allows for balanced and fun fights.

There are many skills to level including fishing, mining, crafting, magic, prayer and many more including combat skills. These skills develop your overall level and some are more useful then others. All of these skills allow for diverse gameplay and a new experience every time you log on. There are also numerous quests you can do for which you are awarded quest points as well as some new sound tracks. These little bonuses are fun to unlock and the music in the game adds a nice feel and is forever changing making it fun to listen too.

The one downside to the game is the great divide between the F2P players and the P2P players. The P2P players also called ?members? are awarded alot of extra features. The membership is on a monthly subscription basis of $5.00 monthly and isn’t too expensive if you want to try it for a while. These members are given access to the full map where as free players only get approximately 1/3 of it. Also they are given 7 more skills and access to more features, quests and items. Including better armour, weapons, skills and prayers.

All in all runescape is a great F2P mmo for anyone who is not very comfortable with the genre. This game is easy to start and easy to understand. It is simple but has complex parts to it if you spend the time getting really into it. I would definitely suggest this game to anyone who is looking for a game they can casually play and have fun with.


Review by: MMO Specialist

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