MMOAttack?s Weekly Recap

This was quite the week for MMOs, with tons of new expansions hitting or being announced. January is jam-packed with new releases, and existing games are working hard to increase their subscriber numbers and improve their grasp on the market. Because it?s hard to keep track of the news, especially when so much is breaking, here?s a quick recap on some of the major stories from the week:

Analysts Call Concern over SWTOR Sales ?OverBlown?
Claims of EA?s dismal financial future have been greatly exaggerated.
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RuneScape Devs Land Big Legal Victory
The free MMO smashes botters with a massive win in court.
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Riders of Rohan Adds Mounted Combat to LOTRO
Nothing suits an action MMORPG like swinging a sword from a horse.
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ESA Turns Against SOPA/PIPA
The lobbying organization, which represents Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, does a 180 on the controversial internet censorship bill.
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BlizzCon 2012 Canceled
Blizzard cites a ?jam-packed? schedule and calls of its enormously successful fan convention.
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