More PvP Options On The Way For Riders Of Icarus

Nexon and WeMade Entertainment have some really exciting stuff in the pipeline for Riders of Icarus as today players are treated to the first details on a big new update coming to the game in a few weeks. Expected to launch at the end of this month the new content for Riders of Icarus will include a variety of new features, mostly aimed at encouraging players to get more involved in PvP and offering those already involved more variety and rewards.

The forthcoming update will expand the current PvP continent, inviting players of level 28 and above to dive into the Exarahn Badlands. The new zone will see all explorers within instantly marked for PvP, making every moving player a potential target. This dangerous new area will be filled with tons of new content including quests and of course, brand new mounts for players to encounter and tame including Nightmare and the Profane Apocalypse

Guild members will also be happy to hear that they’ll be getting some love in the update as Rank 3 guilds and above will have the opportunity to band together and participate in huge PvP battles against other players.

For more information check out our Riders of Icarus first impressions video or the official website at the link below.

Source: Official Website

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