Sneak Peek At Riders Of Icarus’ Halloween Event Lineup

Riders Of Icarus

It’s that time of year again and developers around the world are planning to launch some of their most exciting events of the year. WeMade Entertainment and Nexon America today offered Riders of Icarus players a sneak peek at some of the rewarding content on offer this Halloween season in the premier mounted combat MMO. … Read more

Final Closed Beta Dates For Riders Of Icarus Announced

Riders Of Icarus

WeMade Entertainment and Nexon today announced details for the third and final Closed Beta test for the upcoming mounted combat MMORPG game, Riders of Icarus. The last Closed Beta test is scheduled to begin Thursday, June 2nd, and continue through until Tuesday, June 7th. Nexon will be hosting the test for players in Western Europe, … Read more

Legends of Persia, Icarus Online, Shadowrun Online and more! | The Daily XP March 24th

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Today on the Daily XP:
New Trailers Discovered for Icarus Online | [timer]32[/timer]
Diablo Style RPG, Legends of Persia, hits Kickstarter | [timer]73[/timer]
Shadowrun Online Heading to Steam’s Early Access Next Week | [timer]109[/timer]

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Rumble Fighter

[stat=Developer]WeMade Entertainment[/stat]
[stat=Distribution]Online Download[/stat]
[stat=Free to Play]Yes[/stat]
[stat=Download Size]~700MB[/stat]
Rumble Fighter is an interesting take on a Fighting MMORPG. The game features really cool cartoony graphics and plays a lot like a game of Super Smash Brothers. In fact it’s best described as a Super Smash Bros. game with lots of online and MMO elements.

Rumble Fighter takes a rather simple concept, which is beating each other senseless in awesome multi-player brawls. That’s it, review over! No, but the fact is there are a ton of elements that keep you hooked to the game, and the fact that it is quite different from a normal MMO makes this game definitely worth trying. In our opinion it’s not a game that you will sit at for hours grinding it out like a normal MMORPG, but one that you take in small doses. Play a few rounds when you’re bored, more of a bit-sized experience if you will.

The game is solely focused on the PvP experience, which makes it more like an FPS, whereas you aren’t going to be bothered with a bunch of quest dialogues and all that humbo jumbo, a perfect game for someone with only a few moments to spare. The concept is fairly simple, join a room and beat each other to a pulp. There are a number of fighting options and modes and super powers that mix up the game and make it one you’ll want to come back to again and again.