Mounted Combat Update Arrives In Dragon’s Prophet

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Sony Online Entertainment are starting 2014 with a bang following the announcement of the latest patch for Dragon’s Prophet featuring a huge array of new options for mounted combat.  A new selection of skills have been made available that give players the option of evolving their dragon through investing skills points in 3 unique lines of progression. Players are free to invest heavily into a single tree or spread their points across the Healing, Tanking and DPS abilities. This adds more diversity to an already dynamic combat experience and promises to provide endless hours of mounted combat fun.

The new features give the game more depth,
let the players develop an even stronger relationship with their dragons,
and results in a more dynamic flow of combat!” says Marco Neubert,
Director of Brand Management.

Dragon's Prophet: Mounted Combat Trailer

The update also introduces a  new high-level dungeon, the Shrine of Handras. Brave adventurers will have to scour the depths of Olandra to locate the submerged entrance and a variety of deadly water monsters and dangerous whirlpools await – accompanied by 5 epic boss battles of course.

Dragon's Prophet: Olandra Trailer

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