Mysty Peak Dam To Illuminate The World Of H1Z1

Daybreak Games’ John Smedley took to Reddit today to give H1Z1 players a brief insight into the current happenings with the development team including an exciting number of new features, high attention to bug fixes and the often discussed improved AI for the zombies. The team also continue to work on expanding the massive world that supports H1Z1, with efforts aimed at reaching the desired 16,000 square km.

In a surprising move for post-release MMO development John Smedley also informed the H1Z1 community that the development team is actually expanding its numbers to keep with this goals, goals Smedley claims are very realistic.

[quote cite=”John Smedley”]We’re adding more people to the team to accelerate our progress. We see the realities of the commercial world we live in, and it’s too easy for Early Access games to go the way of many flavors of the month. We’re in this for the long haul and we’re putting the resources behind the game to make sure it’s clear to you too. When we see other games come out and take the wind out of our sails sometimes it just makes us redouble our efforts. Don’t think for a second we plan on laying down. Quite the opposite in fact. It inspires us to make our game better. That’s not just rhetoric… we’re trying our best to demonstrate it every week. We’re not slowing down for a second. [/quote]

H1Z1 Just Survive Gameplay Hydropower Electricity at Mysty Peak Dam

Source: Reddit

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