Blizzard Introduce New Game Mode To Hearthstone

Award-winning developers Blizzard released an update to the official Hearthstone website today, giving fans their first glimpse of an exciting new game mode set to impress the world of Hearthstone, Tavern Brawl. The brand new game mode is scheduled to be released later this month and will give players the opportunity to face off against one another in a match with preset rules that change on a weekly basis.

A few examples of these preset rules were given such as the potential to use premade decks, or being forced to create an entirely new deck with specific guidelines and restrictions in place. The new Tavern Brawls game mode will be entirely free to enter when it becomes available, even awarding players with a free card pack for their very first victory in the mode in any given week during the launch window. Tavern Brawls preset rules will be changed on a regular basis and will be available Wednesday-Sunday each week (region depending).

Tavern Brawl matches will be available to play with random opponents or via challenges from friends.

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Source: Press Release

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