Navy Field 2 – Closed Beta Begins March 27th

Nexon America, creators of Maple Story, will be launching a closed beta for their MMORTS, Navy Field 2, on March 27th. Registration begins today in order to be able to participate in this highly anticipated naval warfare-based game. 

Players are able to sign up at: There will be a limited number of openings for the beta and only a select number of people who have signed up will be able to participate. The people chosen will be notified by March 21st.

The closed beta will run from March 27th until April 10th and all of those who participate will receive an exclusive in-game item as well.

Navy Field 2 is a free-to-play MMORTS that allows players to be at the command of naval fleets that are made up of warships from World War I & II. Players will need to use strategies and tactics in order to defeat their enemy. There will be naval engagements for up to 64 players in 32 player versus 32-player battles. 

There will be more than 500 ships that players will be able to choose from and a variety of nations to create their own fleet. The ships includes ones like: cruisers, destroyers and battleships and there will be different ways to customize their ships including upgrades to weapons, fire control systems, engines and armor. 

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