Neo Tokyo Set To Be Rocket League’s Biggest Update To Date

Psyonix have lifted the lid on the largest update in Rocket League’s history today as the independent video game developer unveils details on the upcoming, and enormous update, Neo Tokyo. Arriving on all platforms on June 20th the Neo Tokyo update will introduce a plethora of exciting new content and features, all inspired by the cyberpunk dystopias from the 1980s.

At the forefront of the Neo Tokyo is a brand new arena under the same name, a re-imagining of a similar map from the experimental playlist, Rocket Labs. Originally titled Underpass the Neo Tokyo release will feature the same multi-tiered stadium with improvements to gameplay, performance and lighting.

Check out a sneak peek of the DLC in the new reveal video below:

Rocket League® - Neo Tokyo Trailer

Other elements accompanying the release of Neo Tokyo include:


  • A new, in-game “Showroom” that allows players to view and purchase all previously-released and future premium DLC
  • Special “Certified” Items that track specific in-game stats and increase in prestige the higher those stats go
  • More than 20 “Rare” and “Very Rare” Item types for online, post-game drops
  • The beginning of “Season 3” for Competitive Playlists, which resets all skill ratings and rewards last season’s players with exclusive Rocket Boosts that reflect their final rank
  • “Pillars,” a new experimental Arena that separates the field into three lanes via two massive walls in the middle of the stadium


Source: Press Release

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