Rise Of The Paladins Arrives For Tribal Wars

InnoGames today announced that they have launched the highly anticipated Paladin system for the critically acclaimed free-to-play MMORTS game, Tribal Wars, allowing players to recruit up to 10 unique Paladins before leveling them up and adding specialized abilities to aid in battles and village leadership. Lead Community Manager Timothy explains the changes with the Paladin update in a new video released today:

Tribal Wars - Introducing Paladin Skills

The Paladin system update is now available on all worlds. Players can utilize a number of new and exciting ways to increase their Paladin’s level and ability on the battlefield:


  • Combat – the paladin gains experience every time it attacks or defends a village
  • Support – the paladin gains experience by supporting other players’ villages, either just by itself or by leading an army.
  • Construction – the paladin gains experience if it is in the village during the whole construction process of a new building, from start to finish.
  • Training – the paladin gains experience when sent to training from his home village.


Once players reach a certain number of experience points they can choose to increase the level of their Paladin’s, with each new level granting a new skill book that players can use to further explore the Paladin’s skill tree to unlock new skills and abilities.

Source: Press Release

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