Neverwinter White Owlbear Epic Mount Giveaway!

What’s up Attackers! Kirk here with another giveaway from Attack Gaming! Now, normally for a giveaway I just throw it up on the website and it’s sort of a first come first serve type deal, but this is kind of a unique giveaway and I want to give it to players who actually play the game, in this case Neverwinter, and give it to those of you who will use the item, which in this case, is the Motherfuckin Owlbear! The whie owlbear Epic Mount.

This mount, as you can see here is pretty freakin’ awesome, he’s huge, he’s instantly recognizable and he’s definitely going to get you noticed around the Forgotten Realms. What else does he do? Well, besides look badass, he gives you 110% movement speed. Nuff said.

So how can you win this Epic Mount? Well first off, you need to be subscribed to this channel, that’s a given. Next I want you to like this video and comment below, telling me why you deserve to win. Now I hope that those of you who comment, actually play Neverwinter, I can’t be certain, but I’d hope you won’t want to steal a mount from someone who would actually use it. I trust you guys! If you know someone who plays Neverwinter, send him or her this video!

I have 40 codes and I’ll pick random winners at the beginning of next week, Monday the 14th. Subscribe, Like and Comment. Thanks everyone and Good Luck!

19 thoughts on “Neverwinter White Owlbear Epic Mount Giveaway!”

  1. That white owlbear- so fine, so fair,… if only it was here with me.. so feathery, so fair! bring my owlbear home to me… for me..he’s like air…

  2. Im a lonely half-orc fighter…. People use to say I am handsome In my own way but I know this is not true. 🙁 If I could get an Owlbear mount I would show the orc ladies who is the man cruisin’ the streets of Neverwinter on the back of this beauty. Please good people help me to meet the orc lady of my dreams.

  3. I would like a black owlbear, because i already have an owl as my companion.

    My armor is also completely colored in black and this combination would look perfect! <3

  4. My partner and I play this game if not every day, at least every other day. In fact we met in game just after beta, he lived in Europe and I in Australia. We’ve just had our wedding (in October). He can’t stand Owlbears, I want to squish their cute heads. One of these would be perfect for me to remind him that I will find ways, for the rest of our lives, to annoy him. Even in game. He is safe nowhere mwah hahaha.

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