New Events Planned For Maestia ? Rise of Keledus

As of today, the free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Maestia ? Rise of Keledus offers a wealth of new events and numerous rewards, including two new Lucky Spins with rare items. Players who participate in Daelia’s Attendance Event acquire special coupons which they can exchange for high-quality prizes in the game. Moreover, the Homecoming Event yields special item packages worth 12 euros each.

Followers of the Temple Knights and the Superion Guardians once more get to enjoy many high-quality items. The two new Premium and Gold Lucky Spins provide additional discount coupons, gold, scrolls, and valuable items. With a bit of luck, adventurers may even obtain the rare Dragon Legacy mount which increases movement speed and keeps players in the saddle longer when attacked.

Maestia players who take part in Daelia’s Attendance Event receive special coupons every day. They then have 41 days to exchange these coupons for various prizes such as an additional skill point or Premium Lucky Spins. Adventurers who play the game on 40 days during this time will be awarded an exclusive title.

Finally, a special premium package awaits all players who have not logged in to Maestia ? Rise of Keledus since July 23. All participants in the Homecoming Event receive unique packages at a value of 12 euros each.

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