MMORPG Soul of Guardian Guild Boss Gathering!

Thus far WSGame has done a superb job in constantly bringing excitement and updates to their popular Free to play MMO Soul of Guardian. ?Their latest announcement is just another way they are keeping their community enthralled in the game. ?WSGame is launching?Guild Boss Gathering?in?Soul of Guardian!

Gather up as many guild members as you can and take down the Guild Boss together! You will get rewards if you have ten or more participants and post a screenshot on the forum. The more participants you have, the better the rewards. ?Guild Boss Gathering?starts on August 29 and runs until September 4.

Go to find ten or more guild members to kill the Guild Boss together, and then take a screenshot and post it on the forum. Don?t forget to write down your guild info, such as server number, guild name and participants. Here is an example: Sever 1, Guild: HelloGuy, Participants: Steve, Jack, Rose…

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