New Hardware And EU Datacenter’s On The Way For Lord Of The Rings Online

Turbine today announced that Lord of the Rings Online players will soon enjoy the benefits of brand new datacenters with improvements to hardware and game performance. European players will be among those that benefit most from the additional hardware and new datacenter location as the team announced a special low latency server will be based in Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

[quote cite=”Turbine”]We are finally at the point at which we are ready to announce the opening of the new Datacenter with all new hardware! It has been a long road as we purchased and set up new hardware with updated operating systems, transferred all the data from the old worlds to the new and had to correct systems that had trouble with the transition for 32bit to 64 bit processing. But all of that is past us now and we are pleased to announce that on January 11th, 2016 we will come down for a maintenance window at 5am EST and come back up around 3PM in our new home![/quote]

The transfer is expected to take place on January 11th with the scheduled maintenance window to begin at 5am EST.

Source: Official Website

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