New Life is Feudal: Your Own Showcases Impressive DX11 Visuals

The physics-based world of Life is Feudal: Your Own takes a further step forward today as the developers released an exciting new video detailing the more recent changes to the game including a brand new user-interface and vastly superior visuals made possible through the use of DirectX11, both elements are expected to arrive with an update due on November 11th.

The video demonstrates how the physics-based approach to combat development adds an aura of authenticity to the entire experience. Every element of a players movement, position and attack type plays a part in the final delivery of each blow in combat, without the crutch of lock-on targeting or tab-target abilities.

Life is Feudal - Enhanced Visuals and Gameplay

[quote cite=”Bitbox”]One last thing that I wanted to mention is how you guys have been a huge help in shaping Life is Feudal as it has progressed, we have been overwhelmed with the creative ideas and suggestions from our players – without you guys, we wouldn’t be here today. This is why your opinion is so important to us, therefore, as we near 1.0, we invite you to take advantage of the Steam review system and let us know what you think of the game that you helped shape.[/quote]

Source: Official Website

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