New MMORPG Marvel Heroes To Use Unreal Engine 3

So some of you have probably played the recently Free-to-Play DC Universe Online, but for some, you may not be as much a fan of DC as Marvel. For you, there’s Gazillion Entertainment and Secret Identity Studios’ Marvel Heroes MMO, which has recently been announced to use the Unreal Engine 3, the engine powering Mass Effect, Gears of War, Batman Arkham City, and many others.

The developers say that Unreal Engine 3 allows them to deliver a high quality game experience. “We […] love the flexibility we get from the actor components, which have empowered us to make all kinds of customization without sacrificing the built-in features of the engine,” says Jeff Lind, head of Gazillion’s Secret Identity Studios. So far, no release date has been announced, but more will be announced soon, possibly by the time the E3 Video Game Convention rolls around.

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