Fly For Fun (better known as Flyff) is a 3D fantasy MMORPG with fun animated graphics. Start as a Vagrant then chose one of four jobs at level fifteen.  Once you get the level twenty you have the option to buy a flying broom or skateboard, which takes the game to a whole new level when you get to explore the large game world from the skies.

Flyff is one of the most popular free-to-play MMORPGs available.  Flyff has a great animated graphical style that?s easy on the eyes, but is beginning to show its age. First released in 2005, the game is continually updated and is on its 12th ‘version’. Like many Asian MMORPGs, players in Flyff start out as a beginner class and then choose a job upon reaching a higher level.

This game has a very light feel and its monsters are not exactly terrifying. Killing cute mushrooms and other forest creatures during the early levels does make way for slightly more sinister villains as the game progresses. Unlike games like WoW, Flyff takes a more grinding approach with quests not a key part of the progression, and having only recently been added at all.

Even after several years, Flyff still stands out as both an easily accessible and enjoyable MMORPG experience. The game?s large community and all the content that has been added over time make up for the game?s old age.

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