New MMORPG Sevencore Announces Closed Beta

Noria, an online PC game development company announced the new upcoming fantasy MMORPG, Sevencore, is open for registration for its closed beta starting today. Players can expect to begin the closed beta on August 9th, 2012 and dive into the world of war and rebellion. The beta will be going on until August 20th to give players a chance to immerse themselves with this highly anticipated game.

Sevencore is set within a war-torn world full of mystery, mutiny and conspiracy. Players are able to battle on land, sea or in the air as well on dragons, hoverbikes and various other methods within the game. There are three classes of characters that are available ? warrior, magician, and gunner. There is an in-depth character customization that comes along with the game as well.

Mounts are able to fight along next to its master or go into battle directly with special unique abilities for each. Players also have the ability to obtain monsters and raise them from eggs in order to gain a great ally in combat.

Players are able to be a part of daily ?Occupation Wars?, guild versus guild battles, where players gain leadership for a particular region if they win. By winning, the players can control tax rates, item prices, and more for all the players who enter your particular region.

?Joining the beta instantly gives players the chance to win rewards like the Sevencore CBT Cloak or a specially designed Wolf Mount. This fearsome Wolf can summon additional wolves to fight with him and increase his allies? attack power by 90% with a fearsome howl.?

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